AFS Committees

The Executive Committee would like to announce the following committees.  If you expressed interest in a particular committee- you should be hearing shortly from the chair.


  • Fellowship Committee: Christy Dunst MD, Nick Bildzukewicz MD
  • Professional Education Committee: Felice Schnoll-Sussman MD, Reginald Bell MD
  • Journal development: Phil Katz MD, Blair Jobe MD
  • Robotics: Dmitry Oleynikov MD, Co-Chairs: Prakash Gatta MD, Santiago Horgan MD, Caitlin Houghton MD
  • Research/CQI development: Reginald Bell MD, Mimi Canto MD
  • Clinical Practice: John Lipham MD, Bob Ganz MD
  • Center of Excellence: Tripp Buckley MD, Michael Smith MD
  • Fundraising: Santiago Horgan MD, Kate Freeman NP
  • Social Media: Walter Chan MD, Rita Knotts MD
  • Patient Education: Aylin Tansel MD,

Please consider the time that will be needed to participate actively in committees before volunteering. Active participation by all involved will be critical in the initial stages of committee formation and execution.

If you are interested in participating, please email.