AFS Annual Meeting

Registration now open!

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September 24-26th, 2020

Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, California


Drinks, Disasters, Oddities and the Extraordinary submissions.

Submit your Riveting Video! A  3-5 minute video or Powerpoint  showing A Disaster, A Salvage, A Rarity, An ExtraOrdinary!

Videos must be Narrated, and if a Powerpoint  must be timed.  Video Ideal Format:   .mp4 at 1920 x 1080 are best

Selected videos will be presented Friday, September 25th  at 4pm, as we relax at the end of our incredible meeting with beer, wine, laughs, and grimaces.  If present, the author will have the opportunity to present from the podium.

Due Date: TBD, the earlier you are the greater the likelihood you’ll be selected!

File Format: YourFirstName_LastName_ShortTitle.mp4

Be sure to include your name and email at the start of the actual video.