AFS Membership Benefits

We are the first and only society that has bridged the gap between gastroenterology and surgery in the treatment of foregut diseases.

Join the movement: Foregut diseases are complex and as such a specialty on it’s own. We are on the forefront of developing the foregut fellowship curriculum to educate our new partners.

Be part of the movement: get involved with our committees and write the future of foregut as a specialty. Our committees include: Advocacy, Clinical Practice, Education, Research, and Membership.

Foregut, the Journal of the American Foregut Society to be published in early 2021 will be subscription based, and available at no cost to our membership.

Save Money- Discounted registration to our meetings.

Monthly AFS newsletter with updates on current events.

Membership to DocMatter. Post difficult/interesting cases and have expert multidisciplinary response.

Be a part of a society that encourages collaboration across all disciplines. We are better together!

Be an advocate for patients and help create standards for centers of excellence in foregut disease.

Access to industry’s latest technology, therapies and research projects.

Participate in research and follow your outcomes by participating in the ROARS registry.

Trainees, residents and fellows, receive a significant discount!!

Exclusive bi-monthly webinar access.

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