Past Webinars


Previous webinars:

GERD & Obesity – Bariatrics Committee

Gastroparesis Diagnostics – Andres Gottfried, David Kunkel, and Michael Camilleri

Endoscopic Management of Complications after Bariatric Surgery Webinar

Achalasia Talk on Diagnostics – Rena Yalapati, Steve Clayton, and Dr. Kalyana Nandipati

Therapeutic Approaches to GERD Part 2 — Dr. Ken Chang, Dr. John Lipham, Dr. Jessica Reynolds

Therapeutic Approaches to GERD – Dr. Ellen Stein, Dr. Brian Smith, Dr. Magnus Halland

GERD Assessment – Dr. Krystle Lunch, Dr. Prakash Gyawali

Heller vs POEM – Dr. Santiago Horgan vs Dr. Ken Chang

The Reflux Barrier – Dr. John Lipham

Medically refractory GERD – Dr. Phil Katz

Detection of Dysplastic Barrett’s Esophagus – Dr. Mike Smith, Dr. Tripp Buckley, Dr. Dan Lister


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We are the first and only society that has bridged the gap between gastroenterology and surgery in the treatment of foregut diseases. Join the movement: Foregut diseases are complex and as such a specialty on it’s own. We are on the forefront of developing the foregut fellowship curriculum to educate our new partners. Be part of the movement: get involved with our committees and write the future of foregut as a specialty. Our committees include: Advocacy, Bariatrics, Clinical Practice, Fellowship Curriculum, Life Long Learning, Membership, Program, Research and Robotics.

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