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AFS COVID-19 Recommendations for Triage of Foregut Patients Needing Surgical Procedures

Click here to download

What is a foregut surgeon?

Click here to download AFS’s first publication on the definition of a foregut surgeon.

American Foregut Society Statement on Appropriate Patient Selection and Use of Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation (LINX).

Click here to read more about patient selection for LINX patients.

AFS position paper on CLE

click here to read more about Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy

TIF Positive Coverage Letter to Payors

Click here to read the AFS’s statement to payors regarding TIF procedure

Wide Area Transepithelial Sampling with Computer Assisted 3D Analysis (WATS3D)

Click here to read more about the WATS3D technology.

Stretta Support Letter

Click here to read more about Dr George Triadafilopoulos’ the AFS’s statement regarding Stretta

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