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GERD diagnostics webinar recording

If you missed the incredible webinar on GERD diagnostics with Dr Kristle Lynch and Dr Prakash Gyawali, we recorded it! Click HERE.

Deb Krahel, CEO of Restech, looses battle with leukemia

The American Foregut Society sadly shares the news that our colleague and corporate partner, Debra Krahel, has passed away from leukemia.  As President and CEO of Restech, Deb was a tireless advocate for increasing awareness of and testing for gastro-esophageal...

Celebrating the life of Donald O. Castell, 1935-2021

My mentor and friend of 40 years, Donald Overton Castell or as most of us knew him, DO or DOC passed away Jan 8, 2021.  Born in 1935, the son of a butcher, DO was an accomplished trumpet player as a young boy, a concert master in high school and lead trumpet for the...



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