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AFS Textbook of Foregut Disease

The AFS Textbook of Foregut Disease serves as a comprehensive guide of information covering the fast-evolving field of foregut disease. This textbook is designed as a partnership between gastroenterologists & gastrointestinal surgeons with an understanding that an essential component of moving forward in this field is through collaboration. This AFS textbook has been developed by the American Foregut Society, a premier society for foregut disease and all chapters are written by experts in the field. Readership is intended for gastroenterologists, GI and thoracic surgeons, gastroenterology and general surgery residents and fellows, medical students, and integrated health members that manage foregut disease. All chapters follow an organized format that contains many graphs, tables, intraoperative photographs, and illustrations of techniques. This textbook provides the most up-to-date scientific information and will be the definitive resource to guide both the diagnosis and management of foregut disease for years to come.

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The AFS announces a new endoscopic classification of the esophagogastric junction. The classification recognizes that the antireflux barrier involves the crural diaphragm and intrinsic lower esophageal sphincter in addition to the flap valve classification as described by Hill. It stratifies EGJ integrity from normal (grade 1) to increasing degrees of EGJ disruption (grade 2-4) beginning with loss of the flap valve and progressing to increasing degrees of crural disruption and hiatus hernia. It also stipulates appropriate endoscopic methodology for the assessment and provides a basic nomenclature for communication among endoscopists.

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