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Meeting Agenda:

Wednesday, September 25th, 2024

10:00-12:00 Drop in Hands on Motility Software Interface-how to use it (non CME)

12pm-5pm Hands on Motility Course Daniela Jodorkovsky, Adriana Lazarescu, Charu Paranjape, Dany Raad

  • Welcome, Course Introduction
  • Part 1: Intro to Esophageal Manometry Equipment & Protocol
  • Introduction to Manometry (history of EMOT, equipment, indications for procedure) 
  • Performing a Manometry Study – Protocol and Techniques
  • Review of Chicago Classification Metrics:  IRP, DCI, DL, and PB and Classification of Individual Swallows
  • Analysis of HRM Using Commercial Software
  • Breakout 1: Thermal Compensation, Landmark, and Finding Individual Metrics
  • Break
  • Part II Esophageal Manometry
  • How to Run a Motility Lab
  • EGJ Morphology Definitions and Classification
  • Chicago Classification Diagnostic Algorithm
  • Breakout 2: Provocative Maneuvers

Thursday, September 26th

7:30am-12pm Hands on Motility Course 

  • Introduction to Motility Disorders
  • EGJOO, Achalasia, Variants
  • Overview of Hypermotility Disorders
  • Breakout 3: EGJOO and Achalasia
  • Break 
  • Overview of Hypomotility Disorders
  • Overview of pH testing
  • Breakout 4 Hypomotility Disorders/pH testing

7:30-12:00 Antireflux Surgery Techniques  Ninh Nguyen, Peter Kahrilas

  • Introduction Ninh Nguyen, Peter Kahrilas
  • Components of the Native Antireflux Barrier (ARB) Peter Kahrilas
  • The old: Hill Grade and it's Pitfalls Barham Abu Dayyeh
  • The new: AFS Hiatus Grade Marcia Canto
  • Principles of Antireflux Surgery (ARS) Tripp Buckley
  • The Crural Repair: How I Do It John Lipham
  • Architecture of the LES and the GE Flap Valve Ravinder Mittal
  • Panel Discussion
  • Break
  • ARS: Video Based LINX: Tips and Tricks Ninh Nguyen
  • ARS: Video Based cTIF: Techniques and Pitfalls Ken Chang
  • ARS: Video Based Robotic Anterior/Watson Fundoplication Reg Bell
  • ARS: Video Based Robotic Toupet Ninh Nguyen
  • ARS: Video Based Classic Nissen Brant Oeschlager
  • Utility of Intraoperative FLIP in ARS Mike Ujiki
  • Dealing with the Short Esophagus Reginald Bell
  • Endoscopic Assessment of ARS Tripp Buckley
  • The Omega AP and Lind Fundoplication Ninh Nguyen
  • Panel Discussion

6pm-? Opening Reception

General Session

12:30-12:45 Welcome Felice Schnoll-Sussman, Michael S Smith
12:45-3:00 Post ARS- Where's the Room for Improvement John Lipham, Peter Kahrilas

  • Case Presentation
  • Endoscopy Slide Show- What Are You Seeing? 
  • Normal Post ARS Endoscopy Findings Brant Oeschlager
  • Abnormal Post ARS Findings Stephanie Worrell
  • Discussion
  • Dysphagia
  • Abnormal Post ARS Physiology Dusty Carlson
  • Post ARS Dysphagia- What are the Options? Mike Ujiki
  • Case Presentation- The Unhappy Postop Patient
  • Gastrietry (CBT, SIBO, IBS) John Pandolfino
  • Discussion

4:00-5:30 The Life Cycle of Barrett's Esophagus Jen Kolb, Tripp Buckley

  • Finding Barrett's- Ditch the Scope? Dan Lister
  • Barrett's Sampling- Beyond the Pinch Vivek Kaul
  • How Biomarkers are Furthering Risk Assessment Rhonda Souza
  • The Role of ARS in Barrett's Disease John Lipham
  • When I ablate Beyond the Guidelines Felice Schnoll-Sussman
  • How Will We Manage Barrett's in 2034?
  • Discussion

Friday September 27, 2024

7:00-8:00 Women of The Foregut

8:15-9:15 How Things Work Marcia Canto, Erik Wilson

  • PCABS Philip Katz
  • cTIF Kenneth Chang
  • MSA Caitlin Houghton
  • Antireflux Mucosectomy
  • Discussion

9:15-10:00 You Are What You Eat Leena Khaitan

  • The Microbiome in Esophageal Neoplasia Julian Abrams
  • Surgery and the Microbiome Nicholas Boyle
  • Discussion

10:00-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 Gastroparesis Dan Lister, Daniela Jodorkovsky

  • Pharmacology of GLP-1 Antagonists and Gastroparesis Ellen Stein
  • Upper GI Procedure Considerations Carolyn Newberry
  • When G-POEM Doug Adler
  • When Gastric Neurostimulation Michael Awad
  • Discussion

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:08 Collaboration Creates! Michael S Smith, Reginald Bell

  • The Best of Foregut Philip Katz
  • AFS Endoscopic Grade of EGJ Marcia Canto
  • AFS Mechanisms of GERD Peter Kahrilas
  • Reflux Post Bariatric Surgery Mark Shachner
  • What is a Delphi Process Afrin Kamal
  • NERD Consensus Ronnie Fass
  • AFS Delphi Consensus Barrett's Screening Jen Kolb
  • Presidential Address Felice Schnoll-Sussman

Break 3:08-4:08

4:08-5:16 Nuances of Reflux and Bariatric Procedures John Pandolfino, Yalini Vigneswaran

  • Workup Tips Shelby Sullivan
  • Case Presentation John Pandolfino
  • RYGB for Post Bariatric Reflux Erik Wilson
  • MSA for Post Bariatric GERD Leena Khaitan
  • Endobariatrics- Avoiding GERD Sigh Pichamol
  • Discussion

Saturday September 28, 2024

7:00-7:50 Improving the QIP

8:00-8:20 Keynote Address

8:20-9:40 Eradicated Barrett's- What's Next? Marcia Canto, Dustin Carlson

  • Post Eradication Esophageal Neoplasia Sashin Wani
  • AI in Surveillance Pre/Post Ablation Jason Samrosena
  • Endoscopic Therapies for Eradication- Refractory Disease Neil Sharma
  • When to Fix the Reflux Barrier- Before, During, or After? Sri Komanduri
  • Reflux Surgery After Ablation: Time Interval and Biopsy Considerations Virginia Litle
  • The Role of Cryotherapy in Managing Esophageal Cancer Tilak Shaw
  • Discussion

9:40-9:48 ECAN- Establishing Centers of Excellence for Esophageal Cancer Sri Komanduri

9:50-10:00 Beyond North American- What Comes Next is Now Dan Lister, Nicholas Boyle, Alexander Neiponice

10:00-11:00 Break

11:00-12:30 Abstracts Jocelyn Burke, Reza Hejazi

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:30 Post Myotomy Issues and Potpourri Caroline Saad, Alexander Nieponice

  • FLIP and EGJOO- What is the Correct Diagnosis? Dusty Carlson
  • Is it Incomplete Myotomy, Stricture, or Extrinsic Compression> Mike Ujiki
  • Patient with Herniated Fundo, GERD, Dysphagia Post Heller Myotomy C Dan Smith
  • When Does an Achalasia Patient Really Need and Esophagectomy? Virginia Litle
  • POEM after Heller Barham Abu Dayyeh
  • cTIF for post POEM GERD Kenneth Chang
  • Tips from the Front Line- Managing Post Surgical Complications Kimberly Howard

3:00-3:30 60 Minutes Lite Felice Schnoll-Sussman, Tripp Buckley

  • Current Management of EOE Fouad Moawad
  • Are We Doing Better with Paraesophageal Hernia Repair? John Lipham

3:30-4:15 Break

4:15-5:25 It's a Wrap! Dan Lister, Felice Schnoll-Sussman

  • Awards Mike Awad
  • Meet the Press- Pauda Classification Post Surgical Manometry Prakash Gyawali
  • Meet the Press- When to use PCABS Stuart Spechler
  • Meet the Press- Key Publication
  • This was AFS 2024- What's Next 2025!!

Sunday September 29, 2024

8:00-12:00 FLIP Course Anh Nguyen, Jacob Moremen

  • How to FLIP; Protocol and Probe Basics Abe Khan
  • FLIP and HRM; Who Gets What and Why? Dusty Carlson
  • Procedural FLIP- Myotomy Zachary Callahan
  • Case Presentations
  • Break
  • FLIP Potpourri (EoE, EGJOO, Strictures, EsoFLIP) Rita Knotts
  • Procedural FLIP: Antireflux Surgery Mike Ujiki
  • Audience Q and A
  • Closing Remarks Anh Nguyen, Jacob Moremen