AFS Awards Call for Nominations

Submit Your Award Nominations

Awardees will be recognized during the awards ceremony at the 2024 AFS Annual Meeting in Colorado. Nominations are due by July 1st, 2024.

The nomination categories are:

Outstanding Trainee Awards

  • To resident or fellow trainees who are considered by their faculty and peers (residents/students) to demonstrate be outstanding educators and/or clinician teachers.
  • Awarded annually to up to three residents or fellows
  • Candidates must have completed at least two years of clinical training and who will be no more than 1 year after formal training is completed at the time of the awards ceremony.
  • Awardees receive complimentary registration to the annual meeting
  • Nominees are not required to be AFS members

Early Career Award

  • For an early career clinician-scientist demonstrating excellence in scientific inquiry, including basic science, clinical/translational, device development or educational research
  • Must be within 5 years of the completion of formal training at the time of the awards ceremony
  • Nominees must be current, active AFS members

Distinguished Service Award

  • The Award will be granted for a significant, long-term educational, research, clinical and/or technological contribution to the field of foregut disease as well as to AFS.
  • Nominees must be current, active AFS members

Excellence in Community Practice Award

  • For a community-based practitioner for enduring contributions to the field of Foregut disease and contributions to AFS.
  • Nominees must be current, active AFS members

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • For a lifetime contribution as an innovator in the field of foregut disease, which may be scientific, clinical, or educational.
  • Granted to a healthcare professional who may or may not be a member of AFS.
  • The award will not necessarily be given every year but bestowed when the Board determines a worthy nominee.